Alec Kass

Alec Kass is an up-and-coming force in the food and beverage industry, with over a decade of experience under his belt. Being the child of two clinical psychologists, Alec has been exposed to the intricacies of human behavior from a young age. His passion for the future of food and beverage is fueled by a focus on the psychology of guest fulfillment, the perception of taste and flavor, and how our brains process ingredients in a glass. His unconventional way of thinking has led him down a unique path lined with highly sought-after opportunities.

Alec began his career simply, working at a dinner theatre. He then honed his skills as a bartender in London while pursuing a Masters degree at LAMDA. In late 2015, he returned to New York and then joined the team at Milk & Honey descendant Lion Lion Bar. In 2018, he was brought on to The Aviary at the Mandarin Oriental, where he worked with cutting-edge gastronomical techniques. He then dedicated himself to a year-long leadership commitment with nouveau craft cocktail speakeasy Patent Pending. In 2022, Alec became a founding partner in beverage and menu design consulting company “Metal Raptor”.

As an experienced aficionado of both classic and eclectic cocktails, Alec is currently the Beverage Manager of Carver Road Hospitality’s New York ventures: Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room and Starchild Lounge at the Civilian Hotel. He is keen on sharing his insights on how uncovering the hidden desires of each guest can play a dominant role in unlocking a venue’s full potential.