The Ascot Taster Award

The ASCOT Taster is destined to be the iconic symbol of the spirits industry.

The Statuette was created on a scale that represents the quality of achievement commensurate with winning the coveted ASCOT award. No participation medals here.

The ASCOT Taster is the creation of ASCOT’s design staff working with artists and craftsmen from Society Awards, the world’s foremost designer and fabricator of custom awards. The ASCOT Taster is an award that winners are proud to display in their trophy cases, tasting rooms, and gift shops.

The 12-inch tall, four-pound, metal casting is a hand-tooled, high-quality piece of art featuring an ascot wearing judge holding up a tasting glass while he artfully examines the distilled spirits held within.

The ASCOT Taster is made from the same materials and processes as Society Awards’ other world-famous awards such as Emmys, Golden Globes, CLIOS, MTV Moon Man, Dancing with the Stars, Academy of Country Music, and The Voice. The statuette is diecast in zinc and electroplated in platinum or gold and extensively hand polished. Zinc is a hard metal with a high melting point that gives the award a more detailed and shinier finish.

Each statuette comes with a customized plate inscribed with the winner’s information and is presented in a Tiffany-style display box.

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