Anne Dimmick

Anne Dimmick is the Director of Retail and Brand Experience for Ohio Liquor, a nearly 500-location high-proof spirits retail enterprise serving the fourth-largest domestic whiskey market in America. Known for her discerning palate and expertise, Anne is part of the team that has made OHLQ a national leader in single barrel sales, curating and releasing more than 500 ‘OHLQ Exclusive’ single barrels each year.

With more than 15 years of experience in the spirits industry, Anne has worked with both heritage brands and independent distilleries to launch and expand nationally recognized whiskey programs, and has served as the Master Blender in creating multiple award-winning spirits. Her passion for craft and diverse background in all aspects of the spirits industry – production, marketing, sales, trade development, and retail – have positioned her well for finding and bringing the very best offerings to market in Ohio.