Barrel Pick Competition

Every whiskey club or liquor store thinks they have the best barrel picks. They’re proud of the special barrel that only they were able to identify and have bottled. I’m fortunate to get to sample a lot of these gems. And, I’ve got to say, they do have some of the best whiskies out there.

But who has the best? Finally, we have a way to find out. It’s time to put your whiskey where your mouth is (well, obviously you are already doing that). We are including a special Barrel Pick Competition as part of the 2023 ASCOT Awards. My Council of Tasters will conduct a blind judging and grade each spirit. In addition to tasting and grading each barrel pick, we separately will award medalist for greatest charitable endeavor for Whiskey, Tequila or whatever spirit club or organization and best overall sticker design. The highest taste scorers advance to a taste-off on my YouTube channel this spring. Category winners will receive the ASCOT statuette and recognition on our website and social media. Since this will be the first year of the competition, barrel picks from any year will be eligible.

May the best whiskey win.

Barrel Pick Competition Entry Information

$300/entry | Nomination Deadline: March 16

Barrel Pick Categories

*Judges will be given ABV range.

1. Straight Bourbon
2. High Proof Straight Bourbon
3. High Proof Bourbon Barrel Finish
4. Craft Bourbon (not sourced)
5. Rye
6. High Proof Rye
7. High Proof Rye Barrel Finish
8. Craft Rye
9. Malt
10. Craft Malt
11. Other (Create a Category)

Spirits Club Marketing Categories

100. Facebook
101. Instagram Site
102. Website
103. Barrel Pick Special Sticker
104. Charity Fund Raiser (How much was raised from the pick and where did the money go?)
105. Other (Create a Category)

To nominate your single barrel pick:
(1.) Enter online now (link below), or(2.) fill out the entry form (attachment below),
send two bottles and $300 for each pick to the ASCOT Awards for processing and distribution.
Ascot Awards127 Pittsburg St.Dallas, TX 75207
Questions? Call us: 214.377.3528
email us