Heather Wibbels

Heather Wibbels is an award-winning mixologist and whiskey enthusiast with a passion for cocktails and cocktail education. She is always on the lookout for a new ingredient, spirits or mixer to combine with whiskey to make it shine. An Executive Bourbon Steward, she’s turning the world into whiskey drinkers one cocktail at a time with craft cocktail creations, mixology education and digital content creation. She and her cocktails have been featured in such publications and podcasts as The Bourbon Review, American Whisky Magazine, Bourbon+, Drinkhacker, The Manual, Alcohol Professor, Southern Living, Insider, Bar Convent Brooklyn, WhiskeyCast, the Fred Minnick Show, Hops and Spirits, Martha Stewart Living, Dedicated Drinker Show, The Bourbon Road, Neatly on the Rocks, and Bourbon Women. She is Managing Director of Bourbon Women ( ) and former chair of the Board of Directors. A columnist for Bourbon+ and Food & Dining magazines, her book, Bourbon is My Comfort Food: The Bourbon Women ™ Guide to Fantastic Cocktails at Home, was released in 2022 and was recently reviewed in a roundup in Forbes.  You can find her at, and @cocktail_contessa on Instagram.