Hood Sommelier

Millennial entrepreneur, WSET ii Spirits expert, and content creative Toyi “Jack” Beguedou is building community through his spirited digital platform, the Hood Sommelier. Jack is a native of Togo in West Africa who currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska and is a proud “girl-dad” to his daughter Brennan.

Jack is the co-host of YouTube web series MONDAY SUCKS, founder of the trending, TRUTH IS BARREL PROOF PODCAST, SCOTCH SCHOOL education series, AFROFUSION food and spirits pairing series and owner of BEGUEDOU INSURANCE SERVICES LLC.

As a native French speaking immigrant, Jack resonates with the importance of creating community. His thoughtful and inspiring approach to content development focuses on humanizing the spirited consumer journey experience. Jack enjoys being an educational resource to both consumers and talent in the hospitality community. A community architect at heart, Jack bridges the gap between curious consumers at every level and brands through empowerment and engagement.