Sonja Hunt

Fascinated by the process of blending and distilling American Whiskey Sonja recently returned to the spirits industry two years ago after a more than twenty-year absence and prior introduction to the spirits market as a former Mixologist and Hospitality Manager.

Known amongst spirits enthusiasts as So Dram Good, she rolled up her sleeves and took an immersive route inclusive of interactions with the industry’s well known Whiskey Brands and Production Teams. In two years, she has combined hands on training and formal education earning her the distinctions of a skilled Student Distiller, Brand Ambassador, Consultant, Certified Executive Bourbon Steward, and Private Tastings Host.

Being a rising star in the industry comes with both challenges and rewards as she is quickly piquing the interest of new and veteran brands looking for a fresh, skilled, and authentic approach to the world of spirits.

Dubbed to have an “Expert Palate “by Master Distiller and Blender, Marianne Eaves, Sonja has collaborated on projects that include producing a Pilot Single Malt Whiskey, blending, brand and product development and tasting.

As she fortifies a name for herself and gains traction in the industry, she shares how important it is to build her life resume by establishing a genuine rapport that she so humbly refers to it as, “Passion and Purpose Driven.”

Recent contributions include special projects that span craft distilleries, the DMV hospitality scene, consulting, appearing as guest and Co-Host on Spirits Podcasts, curating tasting events and as the Founder of the recent startup ABV Jobs, a niche job board dedicated to the alcohol industry.