Jason Callori

Relax, pull up a chair and let’s talk whiskey on The Mash and Drum. Jason C. is a bourbon and whiskey enthusiast that is committed to bringing you the best in whiskey news, reviews and engaging content. Originally from New York and moving to Columbus, Ohio in 2016, Jason decided to make a whisk(e)y review channel because at that time nobody talked about the stories behind it, the people that created it and the history that has shaped today’s whiskey landscape. The Mash and Drum has grown to have over 68k subscribers with over 10 million views since 2016. His love for whiskey goes well beyond bourbon with a love for scotch, irish whisky, japanese whisky and more. Past guests include Nancy Fraley, Fred Minnick, Jackie Zykan, Alan Bishop, Dr. Pat Heist, Campbell Brown, Christ Fletcher, Lexie Phillips, Water of Life Director Greg Swartz among others. Additionally, Jason has appeared in Paste Magazine, The Bourbon Road Podcast, Crain’s Cleveland Business Magazine, The Fred Minnick Show and many others.

Jason combines history, reviews, top quality content and passion to feature and educate viewers across all categories of whiskey. Subscribe to The Mash and Drum on Youtube and find out why it’s not about the whiskey, it’s the people you share it with.