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Flavien Desoblin

One of the world’s foremost authorities on brandy, Flavien Desoblin owns two iconic bars in Manhattan: Brandy Library in Tribeca and Copper & Oak on the Lower East Side. Both are known for having some of the most comprehensive collections of brandies and whiskeys in the world. A native of Burgundy, Flavien was formally educated and trained in France and Scotland in the fields of wine, spirits, and distilling. He has written two books on distilling and serves as a curator and host for the Spirits Network. Flavien was named Cognac Personality of the Year in 2010, recognized in 2013 by the Compagnie des Mousquetaires d’Armagnac, and in 2014 was honored with the title Keeper of the Quaich for his outstanding commitment to the Scotch Whisky industry.